Vitaly Petrov: "Had to learn the track during the race"

Vitaly Petrov repeated his best result during his first DTM season, finishing 12th in an eventful race at Zandvoort, Holland.
Vitaly Petrov: "First of all I have to say sorry to the team for what happened in first practice. In the end we couldn't do better this weekend due to a lack of track time. After yesterday's crash, our guys needed five hours to rebuild the car. When qualifying started we were still working on it, so it was impossible to expect a lot. We had to start from the back of the grid.
The start was really good, I managed to pass a few cars, but in the beginning of the race all I had to do is to learn the track properly. It took some time, but during the second half of the race our pace was quite good.
In terms of tactics, we did nothing wrong. When the safety car went on track for the first time we decided to pit for fresh rubber, because we had nothing to lose. My team-mate Daniel Juncadella did the same. And the move proved to be right. It was going quite well until the point when he pitted for softer tires. I was due to follow him on the next lap, but exactly at the same time the safety car came back on track again. As it's forbidden to make an obligatory pit-stop under yellow by the rules, we had to wait and then stop at the worst possible moment.
Of course, it would have been possible to do better and even score some points if the last safety car would have left the track earlier. I had fresh soft tires and was really fast in the end. I didn't like the way Miguel Molina defended during the last laps. We were side by side and he almost pushed me off the track. It could have ended really bad.
Regarding our car's setup, we still need to improve something before Hockenheim to make the car faster on hard tires, but mainly our result today was affected by a lack of running. It's a shame that our weekend went wrong from the beginning. It is clear that we have the speed."
Wolfgang Schattling: "Vitaly improves steadily, step by step. Today he finished 12th again, but the result could have been better without the accident on Saturday. It took a lot of track time away from him and he could not get familiar with it. But during the race he was competitive, managed to be in the middle of the field.
We realize since the last two races that he has really improved and I think if he can get everything together in Hockenheim, he can even fight for points there."